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I've always been an art student. It was my favorite class all through school. In college, I was one 8am Art History class short of a proper Art major. And since moving to Nashville, I've been taking classes at Watkins College of Art and Design - one of the best design schools in the country. But through my whole life I've also always been self taught outside of school. Thanks to books, magazines, and the internet, I'm constantly learning.

I am half self taught / half formally trained over several web design platforms. You can see examples of other sites I've put together here. I offer very reasonable rates to get you up and running online. Then, you can pay me to keep your site updated, or for a small one-time fee, I will teach you how to update your new website yourself!

Hit "contact" in the navigation above and tell me a bit about your business, band, or whatever you want your site to be about and I will get back to you as soon as I can with basic pricing. Once that is worked out, all you have to do is send me content and I will make your site look beautiful.




Jules did a great job! And with such a “Hail Mary” time frame/decision to do it.
— Adria Haley, Film Client