Caitlin Rose Noistrade / EastSide Manor Sessions on Nashville Cream

I've been asked to be part of a new film team for our local Nashville music gurus at Noisetrade. If you're familiar with Noisetrade, you know that they are a free music service with fans nation-wide. They've decided to add a visual element to their repertoire, and I'm lucky enough to be part of it. Noted photographer, and favorite collaborator of mine - Allen Clark is directing our group. Yesterday we released our first Noisetrade video session filmed at EastSide Manor here in Nashville. It's been well received so far with around 3,000 views the first day! Nashville Cream gave us a boost today with a little write up about the session.

Caitlin Rose Noisetrade EastSide Manor.png
Caitlin Rose Noisetrade EastSide Manor Cream 2.png