20 Meet-ups

My birthday is coming up next month, and as with all birthdays I find myself evaluating what's been happening this year. For most people I feel this happens around the New Year, but for me, I always find it happens around when I'm about to officially turn a year older.

This year, I've been thinking specifically how little I am involved in this community and it's happenings compared to how fully immersed I was in many things back in Columbus, OH (where I moved from 3 years ago.) There I was involved with an annual book where we showcased the Hot 17 bands of the year. I helped to book, plan, and run an annual charity concert and raffle where we gave the proceeds to breast cancer research. I helped countless bands with promotions and photographs....I was part of the community, and I knew most of the others in my community. I know that there's a lot more here that I could be doing as well, so I figure I need to get out there and find out what I can get into.

To facilitate this, I'm going to try to meet with at least 20 new people before my birthday (or roughly the end of February) with the topics being "What can I do for you?" and "How can we help each other?" Then I'll blog about your business and our time together. It's a win no matter how you look at it.

I am a special blend of grassroots marketer/promoter, videographer, photographer, & designer. The bands I used to work with back home always said I had magic powers because I could get a lot done with little resources. Let's see what I can do here!