Meet-Up with photographer & mentor Jenna Henderson

This week, as part of my 20 Meet-Ups initiative, I met-up with a brilliant portrait photographer - Jenna Henderson - who I first connected with on Facebook (of all things.) We are both part of a photographer's meet-up group called Shoot To Kill and were first introduced when I commented on one of her posts. Other than photographing, Jenna is a wife, a mother to 2 yr old Clark (who I got to meet finally), and an amazing mentor/teacher.

This meeting was actually different than all the others will be because we already knew how we could help each other, and yesterday was the culmination of carrying it out. But Jenna is too great to leave out of this initiative I'm doing, so I'm bending my own rules a bit (I'm allowed to do that.)  You see, I've recently built three web-sites for Jenna, and we decided to trade the last web build from me for a mentoring session from her. Jenna runs a super successful photography business and because I haven't built up my photography business very much since my move to Nashville, I had a lot of questions for her. She pretty much had all the answers. From how she shoots, to how she sells, to how she delivers her products - Jenna was an open book.

She was very patient and thorough, listened to all my questions, and answered every one in detail...all signs of a great teacher. And right now she's planning for her first photography workshop that will take place in April. Truly, whether you are a very new beginner, or a seasoned person looking for new insight, inspiration, or tips - Jenna's workshop will be well worth your time.

Jenna's workshop website that I built:

Jenna's business website (which I also built):