Meet-Up with Bluewater Music's Cal Tucker

I opened an email last month from an unknown name. It read something like "My name is Cal and I work at Bluewater Music. I checked out your website and it looks like some very cool and creative stuff, so I wanted to let you know about something we’re working on." And a beautiful friendship was born.

I walk into a beautiful converted house close to downtown and am greeted by some enthusiastic and adorable French Bulldogs, or as I like to call all dogs - puppers. Someone greets me, brings me water, and calls Cal to come downstairs. I follow him through the maze of this glorious house - wood floors, grand staircases, everything about this place is great. But I digress.... Cal and his co-horts are developing a series of short drama/comedy episodes right now and they want me to be the Director! The idea is to finish a pilot and then shop it around. Since our initial meeting, we've met in rapid succession. A flurry of scripts, casting, and planning have happened very quickly and we've set a date to start filming next month. It's all very exciting.

Update May, 14: About two weeks before we were to begin filming, someone told Bluewater that they'd direct the series for free even though the rest of the cast and crew were getting paid, and they had verbally promised the gig to me. So after months of planning with them, giving them lots of my time in meetings, and sharing all my ideas for production and advertising the series, they told me they were going with the free person. Since I couldn't get them to sign a contract along the way, there's not much I can do. And they didn't return emails asking if they were going to still credit me in the series for the months of time, work, planning, and ideas I gave them. So, lesson learned...even when working with people who you think are your friends, always get everything in writing. Lesson two - there's no need to speak ill of businesses and people who are shady, they sink themselves - they've since lost business with other friends of mine as well for comparable behavior.