Meet-Up with visual artist Morgan Fite

Today we meet visual artist Morgan Fite. Morgan and I met awhile back when her roommate booked a house show with a musician I work with (Levi Weaver) and then moved out of the state unexpectedly just days before the show. Because of these unusual circumstances, we were thrown together very last minute to host a party of people we didn't even know. Needless to say, we bonded over this experience. But Morgan has spent the past six months painting her way through Europe and I thought that was worth a meet-up to see what she had been up to.

We met at a local restaurant here in Nashville called Fido. If you don't know it, instead of having permanent decor on the walls, it is a revolving door of talented local artists' work. It's essentially an art gallery/coffee shop/restaurant and it does all three well. While sitting in the middle of this place, Morgan told me about her adventures overseas, how it had changed her, and mostly how it had affected her painting. Then I started looking through her portfolio and her work has evolved beautifully. I immediately suggested that she should try to display and sell her art at Fido, as it would be good exposure for her, and would do wonders for the aesthetic of the place. She said she would like to, but she is currently in talks with one of the galleries on 5th about having an exhibit there! We got Fido's information though, and surely in the future, this amazing up-and-comer will have her work there too :)

As we talked, I found out that her art has been featured on television when they announced the hosts of the 2013 CMA's, on the TV series Nashville, and in a collaboration with Immix Eleven Amplification to create an amplifier benefiting a non-profit called Exile International. We talked about me helping Morgan promote her next big art show (or helping network to make it happen), about me taking photos of her art, about her commissioning a piece for me...all sorts of room for collaboration here in the future.

To keep up with where Morgan and her art will be next:

Check out her portfolio:

Check out some of her paintings being displayed at a Starbucks in Hermitage

See one of the few new pieces she's posted so far from her Europe travels: