Meet-up with filmmaker Mark Pfeffer

A few years ago, I met Mark at a mutual friend's Christmas party and in the few minutes of chatting that we did, I found out that he was responsible for an amazing music video that a friend's band had just released. At the time I believe I had just done my first video project (also a friend's music video) but the next year, I would dive head first into video work. But while I've been lucky enough to do some beautiful video work with names like Noisetrade and Sirius XM since then, Mark has been working on some pretty serious animation, digital composites, directing, writing, editing, and generally doing visual stuff that could blow any filmmaker's portfolio out of the water. Between his current company - Family of Renegades - & his former company - SmarkMark (that he built with his twin brother Matt) - Mark has got some amazing experience and cooked up quite the portfolio...which I suggest you click through to and watch.

For our meet-up, we sat down and swapped stories over some tea at a local coffee shop and before I knew it, almost two hours had gone by. We both talked about projects that we're getting into and found out that there is lots of room for collaboration. I was especially intrigued by the project that Mark and his brother are developing right now and plan to present to Netflix & know, no big deal. I don't want to give away the details, but with a good team behind them, I have no doubt they can pull it off. I hope to be a part of it!

Check out Mark's portfolio here...I especially recommend the effects work in the Paper Route music video and the Gamma Storybook Animation video: