Meet-Up with photographer/filmer Jim Cook

Jim pulls up on a motorcycle, even though it feels pretty cold outside to me, and tells me that he drove nearly an hour to get here and has been riding his bike almost everywhere he goes since he got it in October. Brrrr. But that's just how he rolls. He is an enigma with great stories and great ideas that just roll out as he talks.

Jim tells me that he grew up in San Diego where he liked to surf and skate. He spent some time playing in a rock band that once shared the stage with POD. He co-founded a company that developed a new way to share music on-line in '07 called Bandbox. They did the pre-launch of Taylor Swift's Fearless album and worked with Keith Urban, Paula Abdul, Jewel and all sorts of other musicians you know. Then he meets a girl who's a photographer (Ilde, now his wife), falls in love, and learns to use a camera in one night! Together they run a very successful photography studio based out of Nashville. This is where we are now.

You can tell he likes people and he probably is into psychology a bit too. He tells me about some of the exercises he and his wife do with clients to get great emotional interaction from the couples in their photos. It's brilliant. Then he turns some exercises on me and ends up asking some questions about where I see my career going that I wasn't prepared to answer. He likes to ask the hard questions, get you to think, and get you out of your comfort zone. I think it's his way of really getting to know people. He says that every six months or so he likes to get himself into a project where he's in way over his head. He knows that once he's committed to something, he will make it happen no matter what, and that's how he accomplishes new things and grows. Again, it's brilliant...and definitely something I want to implement in my own life and career.

For my first trick, I will jump head-first into working on a scripted web series - something I have no background in doing and in which I am definitely in over my head. Hopefully my next "over my head" adventure will be with a project along-side Jim. Look for us to do a music video together soon - it's gonna be great!

Check out Jim and ilde's wedding and portrait work here

Then there's the time he went to Haiti and shot this great short documentary. It's really moving and shows you how he's able to really get people to reveal themselves. Also, what they're doing there is amazing. Watch it here: