Meet-Up with musician and producer Ben Hardt

Back in March I took a Barista job to fill some of my afternoons and meet some new people. Who knew when I walked in the first day that the most interesting person I'd meet would be my new partner in crime behind the cappuccino machine?

Ben had only been in Nashville for about four months at the time but he came in swinging. Back in his hometown of Pittsburgh he had a solo music career and a band called the New Victorians. The band was successful enough that he raised over $10,000 from a Kickstarter campaign to get recording started on an album trilogy; two of which are already completed. There is an underlying theme to the whole set of songs and Ben plans to turn the pieces into a cinematic experience. As we drink our happy-hour whiskeys at a local sports bar (that thankfully is currently empty) we discuss concepts for the first video.

Ben's in negotiations for a publishing deal already and I can't see what will stop him...the New Victorians stuff is good. Like Trent Reznor and Arcade Fire had a baby, who then married the singer from The National and gave their kid an orchestra for Chanukah. Or something like that; I have only heard a few songs. But I believe he has the potential. And at one of his first Nashville gigs, strangers already knew his songs and were singing along. Just a matter of time before the masses catch on.

Check out some of his work here: