Meet-Up with Nashville Scene Music Editor D. Patrick Rodgers

Photo courtesy of Cori Beaird

Photo courtesy of Cori Beaird

Patrick and I have been social media friends for almost four years but have never met in person despite living in the same city and surely both being at many of the same shows/concerts through the years. So we were both happy to finally put a face with the name when we met at new local tap room Hops and Crafts across from the Scene office in the Gultch for conversation and a drink. Patrick is the Music Editor at the Nashville Scene, does contract writing for several publications including Rolling Stone Country, and plays drums for several bands (including most recently Shoot the Mountain, and formerly And The Relatives.) We each talk about our multitudes of jobs, and there are many places they overlap. There is definitely room for collaboration here in the near future.



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Me: What is your favorite most-recent project?

PR: I'd probably have to say interviewing Jack White and putting together that Scene cover story. He's an incredibly sharp guy who was really engaged and informative during our discussion. I liked getting his unique perspective on Nashville, and it was pretty special getting him on record considering the limited amount of print interviews he's doing these days.


If you had to choose, would you rather be writing or playing the drums for a living?

Well, if I have to choose — and I suppose I already have, since I'm currently writing for a living and just playing drums for fun — I'd say writing. I've been a musician for most of my life (I've actually played guitar even longer than I've played drums), and that form of creative expression is extremely important to me. But I simply don't think there's anything I'm better at or have more interest in doing than writing. So whether or not it's music journalism, I'm certain that I'll write professionally for as long as I'm able.


Favorite local band?

Probably PUJOL. Daniel Pujol is absolutely my favorite songwriter in Nashville, and he has a knack for turning really cerebral, philosophical explorations into accessible and catchy punk-pop songs. I'm just  not sure that there's anyone else out there doing what he does.


Favorite band no one's heard of?

That's difficult to say. My job is to shed light on the stuff that I think is noteworthy, so anything local I really like (whether they can sell out the Ryman or bring nine people to Springwater) I've written about. And hopefully people are reading and therefore have heard of these folks. That said, some of my favorite Nashville acts who haven't gotten a whole lot of exposure just yet include Music Band, Penicillin Baby and Bully. Those just happen to be three of my favorites — I'm a bit of a punk/post-punk/indie-rock/power-pop guy, but there are remarkably talented musicians of all kinds tucked into every corner of Nashville. I'm very lucky to be covering music here.

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