My "Pink" Birthday Party

Although it may look on-line that I haven't been very active the past handful of months, behind the scenes that has been far from true. Besides shooting several music videos and my first commercial (which I will blog about soon), I have spent a lot of time on my hobby of crafting/making things in December for Christmas , and then in February for my birthday as well. I've had a decade long string of bad luck with Birthdays (with one or two notable exceptions), and I wanted to stop the streak for good this year. So I pulled out a new Pinterest board for inspiration and put together exactly what I wanted - an all Pink Birthday Party with a bunch of the most special people in my life.

(Pro Tip: I made the wine gummies from my board with a full bottle of red wine, a cup of water, two boxes of Jello, and no added sugar or flavor of any kind, and they were divine!)

Let's start with entering the party, which happens to be through the backyard into the kitchen. First, I had the back yard strung with white twinkle lights. Sadly since the party was book-ended by ice storms (thank goodness the bad luck streak was broken and the ice skipped the day of the party!), I didn't get photos before I had to take them down. Once inside though, you'd see this ribbon valance I made for the window using leftover scraps from pillows that I made for my mom a few years ago, and cream chiffon that was gifted to me from a wedding I styled back when I did event planning at a Country Club.

Birthday 37 557.jpg
Birthday 37 565.jpg

Pink accents around the room included tissue paper poms that I hand-made (for much cheaper than buying the pre-cut ones in the store), single cut stems in vases, and various pink plants. Did I mention that I love to grow things and garden as well?

For ambiance, I lit the room with only string lights and candles .


I baked my own cake - pink icing & candles of course. And I accented the table with pink blooms, doilies (I do crochet, but with time constraints I bought these at Michael's craft store), and taper candles in my great-grandmother's antique brass candle holders.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any photos of the food with my good camera, so these are iPhone snapshots. Fortunately, I was having too much fun with my guests and that is why I was distracted. But the wine gummies and pink cosmos were a hit! I also had some non-pink food but why talk about those ;)

Across from the couch I strung the bare wall with various shades and sizes of paper hearts - all hand traced, cut, and machine sewn into garlands that I then hung from twine and pinned up to the wall.

And finally in the corner I had a photo booth. I tore and hand dyed strips of white cotton fabric that I had leftover from making the lining of my bedroom curtains, and painted some fun props pink as well. My guests even indulged in my pink-hued world for the evening and wore shades of pink and red for the occasion.

Everyone had a great time, including me - YAY for breaking the bad birthday streak!!! And even the cat was all tuckered out by the end of the night. Happy Birthday indeed!